Tibor Navracsics has been rejected by the European Parliament as Commissioner for culture, education and citizenship !

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Brussels, 7 October 2014

The Culture and Education Committee of the European Parliament has voted against the designation of Tibor Navracsics as Commissioner for culture, education and citizenship. The Hungarian candidate still can be assigned another portfolio within the European Commission.

AEDH had alerted the wider public and mobilised MEPs to vote against Mr Navracsics’ designation as Commissioner for culture, education and citizenship due to its crucial role within the Hungarian government implementing nationalist and authoritarian policies that undermine democratic institutions, freedoms, rights and equality of Hungarian citizens.

The pressure and intimidation the Hungarian government has put on Hungarian civil society organisations had made it impossible to envisage fruitful cooperation between the Hungarian candidate and European civil society organisations.

AEDH warmly welcomes the vote of the Culture Committee and is proud for having contributed to this decision through the mobilisation of MEPs and the wider public and through the participation in several civil society initiatives.

AEDH will continue to closely follow the reshuffling of the European Commission.

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Information on the 25 November

In spite of the rejection of his candidacy by the Committee of the European Parliament, M. Navracsis was confirmed as European Commissioner, all the 28 commissioners being approved by the Parliament by a favourable vote on the Commission as a whole. The vote of the Parliamentary Committee however led to deprive him of the responsibility "Citizenship". He kept his responsibilities for Education, Culture and Youth.



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