Basta! The criminal cynicism of the European Union

17 April 2015 – To cope with the daily and growing tragedies at the European Union’s borders, the Commission did nothing more than announce the upcoming publication of an umpteenth “European agenda on migration”. We are told that its holistic approach is innovative. In fact, innovation means an agenda “coupled with better governance”, its redundant ambition is notably “to act more decisively against illegal immigration and uphold greater safety at the borders” . And two months ago, the prolongation of the operation Triton, coordinated by Frontex, until the end of 2015 was announced.

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7 French and European NGO’s, including AEDH and its member the French League of Human Rights, petition the European Parliament to demand that France respects the right of EU citizens to free movement

On 25 February 2015 – As part of the right of petition granted to European citizens, seven French and European associations, including AEDH, have decided to address a complaint to the European Parliament on expulsion and detention measures enacted by the French government toward European citizens, especially Romanian and Bulgarian, for the vast majority from the Roma community.

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