Paranoia and external borders: the willingness to achieve a total safety culture

Yesterday, the European Border and Coast Guard[1], tomorrow the establishment of an Entry/Exit System[2], the European Union keeps creating new instruments for border management. Facing an important increase of external border crossings, the European Union develops tools to facilitate and accelerate verification process. The European Commission recently presented a revised

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Smart borders: what are they hiding from us?

September 22, 2015 – As the feasibility of the smart borders project is evaluated and while the public consultation on the subject is still ongoing, the Commission already seems to have some precise ideas for future propositions. One problem though: neither MEPs nor civil society have been informed.

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The « Smart Border » project

23/24 February 2015 – An interparliamentary meeting gathering members of the LIBE Committee and national parliamentarians took place at the European Parliament in order to discuss the “Smart Border Package”.

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