Supporting whistleblowers means acting for the freedom of information

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Supporting whistleblowers means acting for the freedom of information

Brussels, 9th December 2016 

The European Association for the Defence of Human Rights (AEDH) expresses its solidarity with the whistleblowers that have been charged and sentenced in the LuxLeaks trial. AEDH supports the call to demonstrate on 12th of December launched by the Support Committee to Antoine Deltour, the Luxembourgian Committee of solidarity with the accused of the trial “Luxleaks” and the Platform tax and legal havens.

The 29th June 2016, the trial LuxLeaks ended with the conviction of the whistleblowers Antoine Deltour and Raphael Halet who had acted in the public interest by documenting the Luxembourgian tax arrangements in relation to tax evasion in favour of multinational companies. This conviction is unacceptable. The appeal hearing of the whistleblowers and also, following an appeal of the Luxembourgian Prosecutor’s office, of the journalist Edouard Perrin that had been acquitted at first instance, will start on 12th of December in Luxembourg.

A wide mobilisation is essential to obtain the release of the three convicted whistleblowers. This trial is the opportunity for European citizens to show their commitment to the respect of the right to information and to the creation of regulatory protection for whistleblowers.

European demonstration on Monday 12th December, 1 pm on the square of the cite judiciaire of Luxembourg.

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