Open letter to the Members of the European Parliament: AEDH expresses its opposition to the designation of the Commissioner in charge of education, culture and citizenship

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Brussels, 24 September 2014

Dear Members of the European Parliament,

It is up to you to give an opinion on the composition of the next European Commission.

AEDH – the European Association for the Defence of Human Rights – asks you not to ratify the appointment of M. Navracsics.

This surprising appointment of Mr. Navracsics by President Juncker to the position of European Commissioner in charge of Education, Culture and Citizenship is considered by AEDH as a worrying signal for the future policies possibly agreed by the new Commission in terms of equal rights and active citizenship and what is more as the recognition of a certain validity of the Hungarian government’s authoritarian and nationalist policies.

Very recently, a decision taken on the highest political level has allowed the police a brutal intervention against Hungarian associations pretexting they used external subsidies to transform their activists into “foreign agents”. This action follows a long list of wrongdoings, breaches of democracy and violations of the equality of rights essentially because of the actual or supposed origin of Hungarian citizens, in particular Roma citizens.

This policy followed by FIDESZ, the party in power that refers explicitly to the “Greater Hungary” and has links with JOBIK, a party that makes no secret of his nostalgia for the Arrow Cross Party, is contrary to the principles that should be at the very heart of any European construction. M. Navracsics has been active in the implementation of this policy and he does not appear qualified to ensure the equality of rights because he contributed to deny it in his own country.

Dear Members of the European Parliament,

It is up to you to put a halt to this nomination and to make a salutary call for democracy to say no to authoritarianism, to make a call for the equality of rights to refuse discriminations, a call for active citizenship to stop nationalism. It is up to you to reject this nomination contrary to the objectives of education for all, of diverse culture, of an open citizenship. Anything else would be a shame for Hungary, a danger to its associations and a corruption of democracy.

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AEDH also participates in the initiatives against this nomination of civil society organisations having played a crucial role in the European Year of Citizens and of Europe +.

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