Editorial by AEDH President – Low clouds and dark omens over Europe

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Information when it comes to the future in Europe and especially for this unique construction that is the European Union is not good. Not only, democracy and the defense of rights are the least of the concerns of the authorities in many EU Member States, but in addition, peoples themselves have difficulty in distinguishing what added value brings “Europe” and they give some credibility to extreme right-wing, xenophobic and nationalist, even downright racist and / or fascist political parties.

There in Poland, after trying to silence the justice, the media, the civil society, the government now attacks the History of the country in an attempt to purify it from more disturbing elements such as the Shoah and the country anti-semitism.

Here in Hungary, after the offensive on civil society organisations and the shattering statements about foreigners in general, Prime Minister Orbán has been utterly condemned by the UN Commissioner for his vile statements about colour skin.

In Croatia, the ruling party is not afraid to return to its national history by giving credibility to the Ustasa gesture, these fascists of sinister memory, so much so that one is hardly surprised to see politicians promoting the Ustasa within the walls of power.

And there are many others. One rest assured thinking that this is just foam, that eventually reason will prevail and that these dark ideologies have no future. According to some analysts, it would even be a kind of useful outlet, as if these deviations, circumscribed in their country of origin, had the immense advantage of giving credibility to a kind of “central body” of reference of the European construction, which has prevailed for decades at the highest level, within the Council of the Union and the European Commission. In other words, Orbán and all the others are useful idiots, kinds of “best enemies” who make it possible to pass off the errors of the European construction as trifling matters.

But is it a good calculation? The electoral results of the far right in these countries, which are governed by the same parties that have built Europe in the same way for so many years, in France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Denmark, are too concomitant not to mean anything: we are experiencing a crisis of the world’s instability and a crisis of the European construction that are so important that they make people believe in the validity of the concept ‘every man for himself’ and of the generalised competition between peoples and individuals .

At this yardstick we already suffered. Let’s keep in mind that by getting rid of the rule of law, we give room again to warmongering people.