Belgium: Commission refers Belgium to the Court of Justice for failing to transpose the “seasonal workers” directive  

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The directive 2014/36/EU referred to by the Commission[1] sets out the conditions which Member States must comply with when deciding to open access to their labour markets to third-country nationals as seasonal workers for a short period.

The maximum deadline for the complete transposition of the directive was 30 September 2016. At that time, Belgium had only transposed the Directive incompletely, which led to the initiation of a procedure for failure by the Commission: a letter of formal notice was sent to Belgium in November 2016 and a reasoned opinion in July 2017.

On 19 July, the Commission had still not been notified of a complete transposition of the Directive in question, and therefore decided to launch the final stage of the infringement procedure, namely referral to the Court of Justice in order to oblige Belgium to “repair” its failure to comply. In addition to this referral, the Commission proposes to impose a heavy daily fine of € 49,906.50…

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Click here to access the press release on the Commission website of 19 July 2018