LDH- France – A new step towards a UN treaty binding multinationals to respect human rights

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9 March 2018 – The UN Human Rights Council reviewed on 8 March 2018 the report of the 3rd session of the Intergovernmental Working Group (GTIG) that is in charge of establishing an international legally binding instrument for multinationals to be accountable for the human rights and environmental abuses they commit. A new milestone has been reached that will allow the negotiation process to continue further with a new session in October 2018, with the support of civil society and a majority of states, France included. The European Union’s intervention was particularly expected, as it has repeatedly tried to obstruct the process since 2015: it finally announced that it would participate constructively. This change of attitude of the European Union, and the pro-active role of France in the EU, follow an important mobilisation of the civil society and the French parliamentarians who were nearly 250, across political parties, to write to President Macron to support the initiative of this treaty.

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