GA 2018 – Statement

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For the rights of all, make Europe move !

On Saturday the 12th and Sunday the 13th of January 2019, the General Assembly of the European Association for the Defense of Human Rights (AEDH) was held in Brussels, with the active participation of associations from all over the world. European Union, from North to South, from East to West.

Witnessing this vitality and commitment to rights, the delegates were very pleased to welcome a new association, New Europeans, from the United Kingdom.

The General Meeting approved the statutory documents related to the 2017 and 2018 activities, reporting on the regularity of its operations and adopted its guidelines for 2019 and 2020.

AEDH is raising the alarm: Europe is in crisis and yes the rights for which we are fighting are in danger. On the occasion of the elections of May 2019, crucial for Europe of human rights, the AEDH launches an “Appeal to the responsibility of the citizens of the EU Member States”. What is at stake is nothing less than the freedoms and the will of a Europe without rights whereas for us, Associations of the AEDH, there can be no Europe without the rights.

The debates of the general assembly made it possible to draw up a work program and a roadmap, namely: Democracy and citizenship, Mobility and migration, Asylum, Economic, social and cultural rights, Minorities and discriminations, Penitentiary confinement, freedoms and and the Protection of Personal Data, Justice and the Rule of Law and, finally, Sustainable Development and the Environment.

The General Assembly elected a new Executive Board composed of 15 members, representative of the different regions of the EU.

The new president, Roland BIACHE declared the importance of this general assembly for the continuation and the development of the activity of the AEDH; for the promotion and defense of all rights in European countries.
He then spoke of the opportunity to convene the next General Assembly in Schengen, to make it clear that the freedom of movement of people within the European Union symbolized by this place is not reduced to the construction of a fortress Europe, closed to the rest of the world.

The meeting closed with a tribute to the outgoing President, Dominique GUIBERT, head of the association from 2014 to 2019, who was made honorary president by unanimity of participants.

AEDH is a crossroads and a network of associations for the defense and promotion of rights. It is also a structure open to individual memberships. The AEDH sends a vibrant call to each other: it is the moment to join and follow it. After, it may be too late !