FRA annual report: Focus on safeguarding fundamental in time of crisis – June 18th 2013

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On 18 June, The European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA) published its report on the year 2012. This report focuses first of all to consider the consequences of the crisis for the protection and promotion of human rights (p.11). In times of austerity and rise of unemployment, social rights have a greater importance and commitment to human rights is tested. In this context, the report examines more closely the situation of vulnerable groups, such as children (p.140), at a time when budget cuts affect important areas for them such as education, healthcare and social services. Indeed, child poverty is a matter of concern, with 27% of children in the EU at risk of poverty in 2011.

According to the report, “even if it is difficult to determine the causal links between the socio-economic crisis and vulnerability – including the vulnerability of people who do not necessarily belong to vulnerable groups – we know that vulnerability increases in times of crisis". The economic crisis also poses a risk to people with disabilities in particular because of budget cuts in countries like the United Kingdom, cuts lead for example to the reduction of subsistence allowances. 

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