First gay pride in Belgrade since anti-gay riots in 2010

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Around 1000 to 2000 participants marched in Serbia’s first gay pride on Sunday 28th September since 2010. The government had cancelled the event for the last three consecutive years on short notice for security reasons after the gay pride of 2010 had been disturbed by massive anti-gay riots.

The organisation of this year’s gay pride without interference therefore is an important improvement for LGBTI rights in Serbia where homophobia is deeply rooted in society. But, the Serbian political leadership has to do much more in order to effectively protect and realise human rights. Persons are still regularly verbally or physically attacked for their sexual orientation. Only two weeks before the gay pride, a gay rights activist had been beaten up and hospitalised with life-threatening injuries in Belgrade. Accordingly, the police watching over the gay pride with 5000 to 6000 responsible police officers considerably outnumbered the participants in the pride showing the great need to work for an increased acceptance among the population.

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