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About the European Association for the Defence of Human Rights (AEDH)

We are a European network of 29 member organizations and 280 individual members. Since 2000, we defend and promote human rights within the European Union. AEDH is committed to a democratic Europe that guarantees freedoms and rights of all without discrimination. We defend civil and political rights as well as economic, social and cultural rights.

Why is AEDH so important?

As we commemorate this year the 70th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, it is clear that human rights are undergoing attacks, from all sides, by more or less liberal regimes… And unfortunately Europe is not immune to this trend. The news are marked by the suffering of those forgotten, imprisoned, abused, of those who simply do not know how to survive, eat, drink, sleep, in countries where misery, exploitation, discrimination, hunger and slow death that could be described as economic prevail. And yet, the human rights’ flame continues to shine and brings hope to those who do not have much left… While many political leaders tend to consider that human rights are only subsidiary and that superior considerations can lead to putting them in parenthesis, AEDH fights to remind them that rights are never the problem but THE solution.

AEDH is the only generalist association defending ALL rights, for everyone, at the European level.

  1. Based on a broad approach, we act for all rights, including civil and political rights as well as economic and social rights.
  2. As a network, we facilitate actions and debates between its member organisations and give them a voice on the European level.

Without AEDH, member organisations would lose a key area of action at the European level and citizens would not be properly informed about European policies, which directly impact their rights.

Why donate to AEDH?

Being a non-profit organisation, our actions are entirely financed by our member organisations, themselves non-profit organisations, as well as some one-time public funding. Until end 2017, AEDH benefited from the financial support of the European Commission through its programme ‘Europe for Citizens’. The grant represented 70% of our budget. In 2018, following severe cuts in its budget, the programme stopped supporting several European associations including AEDH. Hence we count more than ever on your support and solidarity. By donating to AEDH, you enable us to:

  • Defend your rights on a daily basis towards policy makers
  • Consolidate our European network and strengthen our member organisations
  • Continue our main actions and expand our scope and means of action

In addition, if you donate to AEDH and upon your written consent (to be sent to ), you will be able to receive our newsletters and be listed among its contributors.

We count on you, on the whole civil society to enable us to bring your voice at the EU level, continue our activities and ensure the independence of our actions!



In many EU membre states your donataions are tax deductible! Please refer to the tax rules in your country. For example:

– In Belgium, for all donations over € 40 to an approved organisation, you benefit from a tax reduction of 45% of the amount

.- In France, for all donations to an approved organisation, you benefit from a tax reduction of 66% of the amount. 

If you want to receive a tax return document, send an email to:

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