Editorial by the AEDH President – The Hungarian government, the bad ideas laboratory?

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On 17 January, the Hungarian government presented a draft law that aim to establish a special tax for the NGOs allegedly “facilitating immigration”. Those associations would have to pay « a tax of 25% of their foreign funding, the yield of which would be allocated to border controls”. In a single sentence, three words ‘immigration’, ‘foreign’ and ‘border’…

Behind the proposal, the underlying threat against George Soros and his Foundation, accused of all evils, and of cosmopolitism, a too well-known word in this sphere and generally understood by the target populations as a synonym of ‘Jews’.

The draft law, that is to be submitted to the Parliament in February, also provides for inadmissibility for foreign residents suspected of helping asylum seekers to enter Hungary. We see in this measure that according to the Hungarian government, only foreigners would have the crazy idea of opening the country to asylum seekers.

Since 2015, the Orbán government use all means at its disposal to oppose the so-called “mass immigration”.  To do so and keep Hungary safe from any illegal immigration, they raised an actual wall of barbed wire along Hungary’s borders with Serbia and Croatia.

By targeting associations, the goal of the Hungary government is to maintain the pressure and demonstrate its control and initiative power over the European institutions and their sanctions threat. Hence, the Spokesperson of the Government denounced once again “the migrants supporting groups disguised as human rights organisations”.

For the Hungarian government, helping migrants has nothing to do with defending human rights! Next time, will they go even further? What if migrants and asylum seekers were not human beings, then no need to worry about their rights, they would not have any! Here is a way to solve the human rights issue: decide those entitled and reject the others.

Maybe the threat is contained to a single Member State but in the field of human rights, we are never too cautious, especially when the initiator is Orbán who has imitators here and there.

AEDH will remain vigilant should this shameful proposal pass the Hungarian Parliament.