Berlin, last image of a terrifying year

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Brussels, 23 December 2016 – This Monday 19 December, the German capital has had its turn for a horror scene, of which Paris and Brussels in Western Europe, and Istanbul, Karachi, Beirut and so many others, were the previous theatres. Right until the end, in Aleppo, Ankara, Berlin, the year 2016 well deserves the qualifier of bloody.

Nothing justifies the use of this violence; no cause emerges strengthened from the recourse to terror.

The European Association for the Defence of Human Rights (AEDH) bows in front of the pain and shares the mourning of the families and assures them of their solidarity. AEDH knows that civil society will know how to face adversity, as previously witnessed in Germany during the innumerable demonstrations of support when welcoming refugees. It will know how to refuse to the demands of a populist AfD, and also the more serious ones of the CSU, associated to the CDU, that attempts to use the tragic situation as a way to request less of a rule of law, for a closing of the borders, for the expulsion of “non-Germans”.

The connection made between the presumed author of the attempt, and the refugees welcomed in Germany, is intolerable, in that it allows some to question the chancellor’s policies on the very day of the attempt, without any respect to the victims who have the right to the veracity of the investigation and not to misinformation.

It is necessary to once again denounce the alliance of objectives between the terrorist assassins and the fascists of the extreme right: all seek ethnic purification in their own camp and encourage the development of divisions and the hate of the Other.

Because the fight against terrorism will only be won with the respect of Human rights, AEDH recommends not to yield to demands for increased security measures, whose efficiency still needs to be proven, to the detriment of public liberties.


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