The European Year for Citizens Alliance met in Zagreb – July 2013

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The Alliance of the civil society organisations for the European Year of Citizens (EYCA) met up on July 8th and 9th in Zagreb. The AEDH, which is represented in the Steering Committee by its Honorary Chairman Pierre Barge (who also co-chairs the third working group) attended this meeting.

On Monday, 8th July was organised a conference “European citizenship: crossing perspectives”, which were taking place at the National Library. This as the opportunity for numerous speakers to address the issue of citizenship through various angles:

-Enabling democracy: the role of civil society

-Strengthening active inclusion: main barriers and best practice

-Inclusion and freedom of movement within the EU territory for all citizens and residents – What can be learnt from the Balkans.

Stoil Tzitzelkov, from the European Association for the defence of Human Rights (Bulgaria) was one of the speakers of this latter panel. He thus witnessed the difficulties faced by Bulgarian citizens when exercising their freedom of movement. This situation is due, according to Stoil, to the implementation of the Directive 2004/38/EC, which governs the freedom of movement within the EU, and which still need to be enhanced. Administrative barriers may notably prevent Bulgarian citizens to fully enjoy their right. Stoil however said he was optimistic about the future of this right, cornerstone of the EU legal framework, and welcomed the Croatian accession to the EU. The accession of new Balkan countries, and especially Croatia, is a unique chance to unify this region once again.

Here you can find a video interview of Stoil, recorded in the aftermath of the meeting.

On the aftermath of the conference, whose conclusions, whose findings can be found here, working groups of the EYCA held a meeting to continue their work. Outcome thereof must lead to recommendations targeting EU decision-makers. These latter will be presented at the occasion of a high-visibility event that will take place in Vilnius, in December. For more information on the working groups, you can consult this page.

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