Statewatch: The Commission would be planning to use coercion in order to obtain asylum seekers and migrants’ fingerprints

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10 March 2015 – The European Commission and the Member States would be discussing the « best practices to follow » in order to obtain asylum seekers and illegal immigrants’ fingerprints by force. Their fingerprints have to integrate EURODAC data base so that the Dublin III Regulation can be applied. The Commission would be considering putting forward the « use of a proportionate degree of coercion » against naysayers, including vulnerable people and minors.

The use of coercion in this matter differs depending on the Member States involved. While some consider the use of force as « inappropriate », others (7) condemn people who not cooperate in the taking of fingerprints.

According to Statewatch, the Commission has written an informal document in October 2010 that suggests, inter alia, the use of detention and force in order to deal with this problem. This document would have already been examined by the Council of the EU and discussions would be engaged between Member States and the Commission.

First of all, AEDH is chocked by the lack of transparence of this procedure. Projects likely to violate fundamental rights cannot be discussed on the quiet! Concerning the substantive matter, this proposition is unacceptable. Firstly because it concerns personal data and secondly because it considers detention as a “normal” way to obtain these data.

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