Open letter: the national immigration policies threaten the lives of migrants and asylum seekers in Europe

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Following the initiative of Doctors of the World, AEDH cosigned with several associations a letter addressed to  Vytenis Andriukaitis, European commissioner to Health & Food Safety, as well as to all the national ministers for health before the Employment, Social Policy, Health and Consumer Affairs Council (EPSCO) of June 19th.

This letter follows a report from Doctors of the World regarding the access to healthcare for migrants and asylum seekers from outside the EU. It shows the worrisome endeavours of the public powers as far as they are concerned. Children are mostly affected: less than one migrant’s child out of two received vaccination against tetanus, and only a third of them received a vaccination against mumps, measles and rubella; pregnant migrant women receive only an insufficient access to prenatal care, which is for the most part too late when received.

The signatories wish to remind everyone that access to healthcare is one of the most fundamental rights, especially regarding the most vulnerable parts of the population such as pregnant women and children. But the European institutions and their representatives seem to accept that some parts of the population remain excluded from such services, even when the life of the concerned persons is threatened.

AEDH and its partners demand a change of orientation of national migration policies that threaten nowadays the health of migrants and asylum seekers et and infringe the public health objectives stipulated by these states, and ask the concerned persons to use the means they have at the European level in order to lean towards a universal health protection in the states of the Union


See the letter to Mr Andriukaitis and to the EU ministers for health.


Compte AEDH