Newsletter February-March 2018

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  • In solidarity with Civil Society in Hungary
  • 4th European Forum on Migration: focus on the integration of migrants into the labour market
  •  8 March, International Day for Equal Rights for Women: they took the floor, they will keep it!
  •  AEDH contributions to the European Commission’s public consultations on EU funds post 2020
  • Conference ‘Leaving the EU – Impact on Human Rights’
Democracy & Citizenship
  • European democracy: the big challenge. What’s left for democracy with security and defence setting the agenda?
Data Protection
  • GDPR: the clock is ticking!
Asylum & Migration
  • Member States Face Five Persistent Challenges
  • In Greece, unspeakable material conditions, legal uncertainty, … one more year.
  • Albania, scout for the protection of South-East borders of the EU
  • Has the European Union achieved a “control of migratory flows”?
Economic, social and cultural rights
  • Free trade agreements: and the lessons of History?
  • Kisa –The miserable conditions at Kofinou expression of the wrong reception policy for asylum seekers
  • LDH – France – The Asylum-Immigration Law: an unbalanced project that worries associations
  • Hungarian Helsinki Committee wins lawsuit against cabinet office over Stop Soros national consultation
  • LDH- France – A new step towards a UN treaty binding multinationals to respect human rights