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In a Europe where rights are not everywhere and always respected, AEDH is the only association to defend all rights, for everyone, at the European level. Indeed, the added-value and specificity of the Association are reflected by its broad approach and its structure as a European network. Based on a broad approach, it acts for all rights, including civil and political rights as well as economic and social rights. As a network, it facilitates actions and debates between its member organisations and gives them a voice on the European level.

Consequently, without AEDH, member organisations would lose a key area of action at the European level and citizens would not be properly informed about European policies, which directly impact their rights. We count strongly on your solidarity.

By donating to AEDH, you allow us to

Defend your rights on a daily basis towards policy makers

Consolidate our European network and strenghten our member organisations

Continue our main actions and expand our scope and means of action