General Assembly 2018 of the AEDH

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NEWS January

The 2018 General Assembly was held on 12 and 13 January 2019.

The outgoing President Dominique Guibert presented the activity report for the past financial year, which was unanimously adopted.

The representatives of the Luxembourg League for Human Rights presented the results of a survey among the member organisations of the AEDH. This survey made it possible to identify the priorities of the AEDH for the next two years; priority was given to the themes of migration, rights and freedoms, including digital rights and economic, social and cultural rights.

The AEDH will launch an appeal on the occasion of the European Parliament elections in May 2019.

The General Assembly approved the full membership of the New Europeans Association of the United Kingdom.

The General Assembly unanimously elected Dominique Guibert as Honorary President of the AEDH.

The General Assembly elected a new Bureau composed of 15 members from 12 Member States of the European Union.

The new Bureau elected Roland Biache as President.

Composition of the new AEDH Bureau


Roland Biache


Rumiana Decheva

Philippos Mitletton

General Secretaries:

Knut Albrecht

Claude Debrulle

Gerard van Vliet


Claude Debrulle


Maria Vittoria Arpaia

Maryse Artiguelong

Patrick Canin

Vitor Graça

Donato Laera

Cristian Pirvulescu

Marija Mijole Staciokiene

Observer (as representative of individual members, pending the election of the two statutory individual member):

Claude Weber