European Solidarity: on June 28 all Governments should do their part to welcome refugees!

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On June 28 the European Council will discuss migration: Governments have a historic responsibility to give substance to the principle of solidarity, on which the European Union was founded.

Asking asylum in Europe is a fundamental right, but unfair rules and policies make it ineffective. We need a fairer system, to ensure the respect of fundamental rights and a fair sharing of responsibilities on asylum. EU Governments must put in place common answers to what is clearly a common challenge.

The fight for European solidarity must not be done at the expense of people in distress at sea, as happened last week to the 629 people on the Aquarius, but by changing unfair rules such as the Dublin Regulation, which leaves the major responsibilities on welcoming refugees to the front-line countries. The European Parliament has already voted with a large majority to overcome the unfair criterion of the “first country of entry” and replace it with a relocation mechanism that takes into account the meaningful links of the applicants and ensures that every Member States does its part in welcoming them.

There is another Europe, a welcoming Europe of openness and solidarity: let´s show it!On June 27, let´s cover the European squares with paper boats to ask all European governments to take their responsibility, by changing the Dublin Regulation in the direction already indicated by the European Parliament and opening safe and legal ways of access to all EU countries.

Join the mobilization and, on June 27, let´s take an active part in the first great European mobilization for solidarity!

Three actions for #EuropeanSolidarity:

– Join the mobilization and pin on the map the European square where you will bring the paper boats on June 27

– Email your Government asking to support changing the Dublin Regulation in the European Council meeting in favor of ensuring an equal sharing of responsibilities on welcoming refugees

– Share on social networks with the hashtag #changeDublin #EuropeanSolidarity

Use the buttons below for the 3 actions and you’ll receive further instructions by email for June 27.

Organisations and associations that want to cosign should email at:

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