In Hungary, the refugee-hunting season is open!

In its February Newsletter, AEDH had echoed the concerns of Hungarian civil society with respect to the government’s proposal to detain all asylum seekers. On 7 March, Hungarian members of parliament overwhelmingly approved this project (with 138 votes for, 6 against and 22 abstentions). The implementation of this law will

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UE-Turkey agreement: anniversary of a disaster foretold

A year ago, on 20 March 2016, the “contract” concluded between the EU and Turkey to stem the flow of migrants arriving on European territory entered into force.
Let us recall briefly that this agreement followed a “Joint Action Plan”, adopted on 29 November 2015 with a view to curbing irregular

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A slight decline in asylum applications in 2016

On 16 March 2017, Eurostat published the census of asylum applications submitted in the European Union (EU) in 2016.

As clearly illustrated in the chart above, the number of first-time asylum applicants (1,203,000) shows a slight drop compared with 2015 (1,257,000) but is still twice as high as in

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Joint declaration by the French Minister of the Interior and the British Home Secretary on the situation in Calais: an emphasis on security

20 September 2014 – The French Minister of the Interior and the Home Secretary of the United Kingdom (UK), Mr Bernard Cazeneuve and Ms Theresa May, have announced the conclusion of an agreement on the management of migration flows in Calais. Indeed, many migrants cross Europe to go to the UK, but this country is not part of the Schengen area so they are stuck in this French port, and have to live in dramatic conditions, that have long been denounced by non-governmental organisations.

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Proposition of the Commission relating to the determination of the Member State responsible for examining an application for international protection of unaccompanied minors

25 September 2014 – The European Commission has presented to the LIBE Commission its proposal to amend article 8.4 of the Dublin Regulation, relating to the determination of the Member State responsible for examining the application for international protection of unaccompanied minors. This proposition was made in order to take into account the judgment delivered by the Court of Justice on 6 June 2013 (case C-648/11, MA and Others).

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The new European operation Frontex Plus/Triton: an operation with differing objectives and more limited means than the Mare Nostrum operation

On 18 October, Italian authorities launched the Mare Nostrum rescue operation in order to cope with the humanitarian emergency in the Sicilian Channel. But significant human, material and financial resources are necessary to carry out this operation, so Italy has asked the European Union to take over. On 27 August 2014, the creation of a European operation “Frontex Plus”, since then renamed “Triton”, was announced by Commissioner Malmström. However, this operation will have more limited means than Mare Nostrum, and its primary function will not be to rescue people at sea.

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