APDHA publishes its annual report « Human Rights at the Southern Border 2015 »

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20 April 2015 – The Asociación Pro Derechos Huma­nos en Andalucía (APDHA) publishes its annual report « Human Rights at the Southern Border 2015 ». This report discusses how European migration policies have turned the Mediterranean Sea into a huge mass grave, denounces human rights infringements taking place on the borders of Ceuta and Melilla and analyses the situation of migrants in Morocco, amongst other things.

To ensure human rights are respected at the borders, APDHA considers it necessary to change the EU legal immigration policy. APDHA urges to reconsider the asylum policy and to allow easier access to humanitarian visas. The Spanish government only granted 130 visas to Syrian refugees, which is considerably less than other member states. In this context, APDHA deems it necessary to conduct an in-depth examination of both the EU and Spanish migration policy.

Read the report (only available in Spanish at the moment).

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