Abortion : a report of the legal status across the world

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Since 1998 the Center for Reproductive Rights has produced a yearly interactive map of the legal status of abortion in countries across the globe.

This map categorizes the legal status of abortion on a continuum from severe restrictiveness to relative liberality. It has become an unavoidable tool for advocates and civil society organizations promoting to advance abortion rights as human rights for women and girls.

The 2019 edition of the World Abortion Laws Map is now available !

Over the past several decades nearly 50 countries has liberalized their abortion laws. Nevertheless some of these reforms has been incremental, enabling women to access legal abortion only when there is a threat to her life or when pregnancy results from rape.

Nowadays 41% of women live under restrictive laws. That is why we must repeat that legal restrictions on abortion do not result in fewer abortions, instead they compel women to risk their lives by seeking out unsafe abortion care. According to the World Health Organization, 23,000 women die of unsafe abortion each year and tens of thousands more experience significant health complications.

The right to safe and legal abortion is a fundamental human right !