8 March, International Day for Equal Rights for Women: they took the floor, they will keep it!

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This year, March 8 will be celebrated around the world in the new context of a global liberation of women’s speech. Denunciations of harassment and sexual violence against women is a real explosion. They took the floor and nothing will be “as before”: what was “banal” and what so many people were used to, is no longer accepted.


But beyond that, it is the systemic and universal oppression of women that has erupted around the world. The worldwide reach of this expression of women finally places the question of equality between men and women in all fields (political, economic, social, cultural, family) at the heart of universal and indivisible rights, with women’s struggles charting the future.


Major symptoms, harassment and sexual violence, as well as the overall violence experienced by women, are also an unequivocal reminder: the need for equality and dignity is as much about respect for the integrity of the body as it is about the whole domains of existence. The correlation between harassment, sexual or any other type of violence and power relations between men and women, powers reinforced by inequalities, is blatant. It calls for a deep and lasting awareness that embraces all rights and questions civilization as a whole and its diversity.


8 March 2018 is the sign of all this. Beyond the denunciation of injustices and violations of dignity, we are demanding a real equality. This day will show the legitimacy of the women movements’ questions and demands but also of the struggles for dignity and the equality of all, women and men all over the world, struggles meaning liberation for humanity.