The Commission publishes its legislative proposals related to the reform of the EU data protection framework - 25 January 2012

Today, the European Commission published the expected legislative proposals related to the reform of the EU data protection legislative framework, in other words, the reform of the Directive 1995, the most important EU legislative tool in the field of data protection.

The AEDH welcomes the proposals of the Commission but deplores the fact that unlike what it announced previously, the Commission did not include the data protection provisions related to justice and police activities inside the same legislative instrument.

The Commission indeed proposes two different pieces of legislations: a general regulation – therefore easier to be appealed by citizens because of its legal nature – and a specific directive for activities of police and justice.

The AEDH recognizes that efforts have been made to improve the protection offered to citizens and that the level of protection in the proposed regulation has indeed been enhanced but the AEDH thinks that it is not tolerable that activities of police and justice do not fall into the same legislation and benefit from specific rules, a situation which will reduce the protection and the right of citizens.

Download : 

- The three legislative proposals: the directive, the regulation as well as a communication

- The EDPS press release in English, French and German

- The European Commission press release in English, French and German

- A speech made by Viviane Reding on the occasion of the publication (only available in English)

- A memo with frequently asked questions about the reform (only available in English).

Visit the DG Justice website to find these documents in toher linguistic versions and to find even more about the data protection reform. 

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