EMHRN’s analysis of the Mobility Partnership signed between the European Union and Morocco (11/02)

In its analysis published on 11th February, the Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Network (EMHRN) feels that the negotiations signed last June between the EU and Morocco pose a threat to the preservation of the rights of migrants.

This study highlights “the serious risks it poses to the rights of refugees and migrants”. More precisely, “the EMHRN is concerned that the Mobility Partnership between the EU and Morocco represents an additional move towards the lowest common denominator for migrant rights, both in Morocco and in the European Union”. To illustrate their concerns, the Network recalls "the tragic death of 9 migrants who attempted to enter the Spanish enclave of Ceuta by sea on Thursday 6 February”.

The EMHRN is concerned about the EU’s failure to take into consideration the violations of the rights of migrants and refugees on Moroccan territory and at the country’s borders and calls upon the EU to establish cooperation with Morocco that is both in line with the events taking place in the country and which guarantees the full respect of the rights of migrants and refugees.

Read the EMHRN’s press release and analysis in English and in French

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