Economic and social rights of migrants in the EU. AEDH fact sheet

In EU legislation, there is no text focusing on social and economic rights of migrants. The main provisions are included in the directives on immigration, in particular labour immigration, and in the directives of the “Common European Asylum System”.

These directives fix the objectives to be achieved by Member States and set a deadline for their transposition into national legislations. Member States however can choose the means to reach the objectives. 

As a consequence, Migrants’ rights and safeguards are likely to vary from one Member State to another for the same situation. It is up to civil society to ensure that Member States do not interpret restrictively the directives and that their transposition respects entirely the economic and social rights of migrants, whether they are “workers”, asylum seekers or refugees.

Depending on the directives, transpositions have to be completed in 2015 or 2016 ; AEDH has thus published a fact sheet giving an overview on the various texts on economic, social and cultural rights of migrants in the EU so that can be used as an information base in the perspective of the upcoming transpositions of the directives. 


Read AEDH factsheet in English or in French.

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